What do smartwatches mean for marketing

What do smartwatches mean for marketing?

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While marketers are still coming up with new ways to market to smartphones audiences, we’ve now got another platform to explore: smartwatches. Smartwatches are literally attached to our bodies and, as such, represent an even more intimate piece of tech than smartphones have become. With this comes a unique opportunity for marketers to get even closer to their target audience.

An article in The Guardian made a number of insightful observations about how marketers might take advantage of this new tech. Health companies, for example, can target customers whose heart rate is changing in response to exercise, or advertise to people who are having trouble sleeping. Not only can we advertise products or services to customers based on real-time biometric data, but content marketing can also be enhanced. Going back to the health scenario, posts can be suggested relating to a person’s specific exercise routine. If someone is weight training and using their smart watch to keep track of their progress, blogs and other content about weight-based exercises can be pushed to them.

Health is a logical theme but, more generally, smartwatches will allow for greater context-based marketing, creating more targeted-marketing opportunities. Walk down a shopping precinct, for example, and you may start receiving push messages about the latest deals in the outlets you are going past.

It’s also important to understand that smartwatches are not necessarily destined to succeed. Numerous tech brands have already been selling smartwatches for quite a while, such as the Sony Ericsson LiveView, released in 2009.  So the recent excitement around the concept is largely driven by Apple Watch hype, and hype eventually fades.

This is a new and exciting market, however, and one that opens up an infinite number of new possibilities, especially as the tech and apps specifically developed for this interface improves over time.

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