Email Marketing – how many is too much?

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This is a debate that has been around for a long time and will certainly continue. The balance between sending too many emails and too few emails is a hard one to get right. If the frequency of emails is too high, subscribers will tune out. Too low, and respondents will forget who you are!

A recent study found that a staggering 73% of those who unsubscribed did so due to the high frequency of emails. While there is no right or wrong answer – there are practices which can guide your marketing strategy.

One of the first things to realise is that if the email marketing content is sub-standard then one email is one too much. However, if the content is engaging and provides genuine interest and value to the respondent, then the amount of emails sent becomes less relevant. A good way to work is by sending an email communication as often as your content allows.

Working out the right number of emails to send your customers

Here are five top-tips to doing this:

  • Consider the number of times that your audience purchase a product or service. If they buy something from you once a month then 12 emails a year isn’t unreasonable
  • Think about the amount of information that your audience needs to make a decision. Some decisions require a lot of information while others are much easier to make. Usually the more complicated the product or the more expensive it is then the more content and information is needed
  • Link email sending frequency into your content e.g. a quarterly financial report only requires 4 emails a year
  • If your message is one that essentially never changes then fewer emails will be needed. However, if your business and content change on a regular basis it will make sense to increase the number of emails sent
  • Don’t forget email automation: this can ramp up the number of emails you send to a customer so take this into account

Finally it is important to remember that ‘anything that is not working is too much’. If click through rates, engagement figures and sales are not where they should be then there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. But remember not to fall into the trap of starving subscribers and then overwhelm them. Plan your email and content production campaigns to ensure a steady flow of communication and business activity.