31 Things to Stop in October

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October is a time when many people choose to give up things like smoking and drinking (known as Stoptober). We’ve drawn up a list of fun alternatives. See how many you can tick off at the end of the month:

1. Stop applying for your tax disc online – because the website’s crashed

2. Stop talking about George Clooney’s wedding – not that we’re jealous!

3. Stop smoking – your lungs will thank you

4. Stop eating Chocolate – and avoid the dentist

5. Stop and think about your grandparents – it’s international grandparents day today

6. Stop mixing your drinks – this’ll stop your questionable dancing

7. Stop eating takeaways – your bank account will thank you

8. Stop whinging about the dark nights – its only 253 days until the longest day

9. Stop wasting your student loan – You don’t need a second TV

10. Stop talking about days until Christmas – it’s never close enough

11. Stop playing Candy Crush – Level 430 isn’t something to be proud of!

12. Stop watching YouTube videos for more than 2 hours a day

13. Stop avoiding exercise – ‘it’s cold’ isn’t a viable excuse

14. Stop taking sugar in your tea – try honey instead

15. Stop eating sweets – eat chemical-fueled sweeteners instead

16. Stop driving when you can walk

17. Stop walking when you can run fat boy run!

18. Stop believing politicians and believe in yourself

19. Stop buying expensive Halloween costumes – it’s too dark to notice anyway

20. Stop smashing conkers on pavements (kids!)

21. Stop cutting the grass – lawnmowers are so last month!

22. Stop walking past the flower shop and never buying any!

23. Stop watching X-Factor – before it’s too late!

24. Stop wearing Summer clothes – and accept it’s Winter

25. Stop moaning about losing an hour and do an hour thing for two hours instead

26. Stop what you are doing and put your clocks back!

27. Stop dinking – so yu can rite properllly

28. Stop saying you’re the cold and put the heating on

29. Stop ignoring the dog and take it for a walk

30. Stop making excuses – you’ve only got two days to give something up!

31. Stop reading these Tweets – it’s November tomorrow!