4 tips to get your press releases working harder online

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Most organisations want to encourage visitors to their website. In some instances, this is business-critical, in others it’s excellent for brand building.  Companies invest large amounts of money the sites themselves and in techniques to generate more visitors. But many don’t utilise their press and PR activity to boost this as well.

If your company has an active press program, you’ll probably generate and issue a regular flow of press releases.  But you could be missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity by not making them work as hard as possible for you online.

This article looks at how this can benefit you and gives four great tips to getting it right.

First off, it’s useful to understand that Google and other search engines like websites that grow organically with content that’s both original and relevant to the target audience.  They also give credit when people share information or link back to it from their sites.  The simple press release has the ability to help you in both cases.

These 4 great tips will tell you how.

Tip 1: new pages Every time you issue a press release, you should create a new page on your site on which to host it.  Adding a single page will, in itself, only have minimal SEO benefit but if you issue a couple of releases a month after only a year you will have added almost 25 new pages to your site.  Use the tips below and you’ll have 25 new pages all working hard to attract new visitors to your site.

Tip 2: Keywords You can write your press releases very much with SEO in mind using targeted keywords.  But even if you don’t, the words you use within the release will naturally include some that are relevant to your organisation and audience. If you want your release to be as effective as possible at driving more traffic to your site remember that it’s important to include key words in your titles and have a sensible concentration of them throughout the body copy.  Remember also to add the description text and key words (although this is now less important) to the back-end code using your CMS. Go through this process each time and you’ll be creating rich pages that will be adding to the depth of your key word targeted content every time you create a new release.

Tip 3: Make it shareable Make it easy for people to share your information across a variety of social sites with a plug-in such as ‘Share This’.  This will increase the likelihood of your release getting more exposure and there will be a greater chance of generating back-links to your page. Search engines like pages with ‘back-links’.  If an article on another site refers to your press release and includes a link to it, for example, the SEO ranking of your page is boosted. If people are talking about it and linking to it, the theory goes, the more important it is.

Tip 4: Share it yourself Of course, you can always share your news yourself.  If you’ve set up company accounts for LinkedIn and Twitter, for example, put in place a process for sharing each new release.  And think of ways to share it more than once – can you come up with more than one Twitter post angle, for example, for the same release? These are four straight forward things you can do each time you generate a press release.  They’ll boost the visibility of your site as a whole and get more exposure for the release itself so it’s worth spending a few minutes to make your press releases work harder for you.