Why thinking ‘customer centric marketing’ is even more important in today’s digital age

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Think about how you consume media these days.  A lot of it happens online: you visit websites for one simple and obvious reason; you want something.

Typically a product, a service, entertainment or information.  And if you find something really useful or interesting you might come back for more.  You might also take a moment to tell other people about it. And if those recipients start to do the same, it can have a massive influence on the success of a particular service.

So, with a few exceptions, whatever type of business you are, you need to be thinking ‘customer centric’ more now than ever.  Accepted, it’s important to explain what you do. But, think about it: are people (and when we say ‘people’ we mean existing or potential customers) going to read the information? In general, no – especially as some companies put reams and reams of information about themselves and their services on their sites.

What actual value is that adding to the lives of your visitors? Not much.

So the next time you look at your site, think about how interesting it is to visitors, how much value it adds and how often they are likely to come back for another visit.