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Is social media right for my company?

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Okay, so you ‘need to do some social media’. Everyone else is doing it so it must be the right thing to do. Right? Wrong!  Companies are increasingly feeling the pressure to jump on the social media band wagon.  That’s absolutely understandable but it’s important to understand that to do it properly takes time and resources and/or significant budget if you are going to outsource the activity.  And our message is this: don’t do it unless you’re going to do it properly.

Rather than jump on that band wagon, take a step back to really assess whether or not it’s something you should be getting involved with.  Ask yourself a few simple questions and answer them honestly:  What do my clients and prospects look like?  Where are they based? Are they really consuming information via social media? Will they engage with my social media efforts? Do I really have the time to devote it? Have I got the budget to make a real go of it? What will I need to do to make it work? Will it help meet my organisations strategic objectives? Could my marketing budget better spent elsewhere?

Going through a simple self-assessment that includes questions such as those above will help you form a realistic view of whether your organisation should be getting involved with social media.  And if you should, go for it and best of luck!